Peter Jones and Bitcoin – Stop the madness! [the truth]


Our review reveals that Peter Jones has not invested in Bitcoin Trader nor any other automated cryptocurrency system.

Peter David Jones is a British entrepreneur who is very well-known to the public mainly thanks to his appearances on TV shows like the Dragons’ Den and American Inventor. Since he is a successful businessman, his endorsement is something any project would be glad for.

There is a long-lasting series of articles claiming that Peter Jones invested in Bitcoin or in various Bitcoin trading systems. In this review we have a look at these false allegations.

Did Peter Jones invest in Bitcoin?

On a more general note, let’s discuss Peter Jones and his Bitcoin investment. The truth is that we found no proofs that he invested money in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

This doesn’t mean that Jones for sure has never touched any cryptocurrency, it just means that he never publicly spoke about investing in digital currencies, let alone endorsed any of them.

Did Peter Jones buy Bitcoin? We don’t know, but probably not. If he did, he kept this investment private and certainly did not recommend publicly to invest in any digital asset.

Is Peter Jones using Bitcoin?

There are claims that Peter Jones has a Bitcoin company and that he is actively using Bitcoin. It is not true. He publicly stated that he has never invested in any bitcoin platform.

Peter Jones: “I am aware that there are several websites and Internet/social media articles claiming that I’ve invested in one or more bitcoin trading platforms (including Bitcoin Trader) and have an association with, amongst others, Greenfields Capital and Robert Wright. Such claims are entirely false and I’ve made no such investment(s) and have no such association(s).”

Any Peter Jones’ Bitcoin interview you will find on the internet is therefore false. Scammers who create investment scams create also fake articles and fake reviews of their products. Peter Jones is just one of many celebrities whose identities are misused for that purpose.

To be clear, Jones has never invested in any Bitcoin app. Now let’s review some of them in details.

Investment programs

Bitcoin Trader and Peter Jones

Did Peter Jones invest in Bitcoin Trader? No, he did not. Bitcoin Trader is one of the biggest crypto scams out there and again, Jones is only one of many famous names falsely associated to this fraudulent program.

Our Bitcoin Trader review clearly shows what this program is about. It abuses cryptocurrencies to get your money, you should stay away from it. No celebrity has ever recommended this program.

Bitcoin Trader will use all sorts of tricks to get your money, like a fake demo, so beware!

Peter Jones and Bitcoin Loophole

Did Peter Jones invest in Bitcoin Loophole? No, he did not, of course. Bitcoin Loophole is just one of the many variants of the same investment scam that we are taking a look at in this review.

Bitcoin Loophole will promise you passive earnings thanks to a software that will trade cryptocurrencies for you on autopilot. But all it will do in reality is to take your money and give it to scammers. You will lose everything you invest with this program. Jones has nothing to do with it.

Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Revolution and Peter Jones

What about Bitcoin Revolution and Peter Jones? Of course, he did not invest in this program, because it is yet another scam that is trying to take advantage of the popularity of cryptocurrencies.

Peter Jones has never touched Bitcoin Revolution, he has never spoken about it. Bitcoin Revolution is a fraud that is designed to transfer your money from your bank account to scammers. Ignore the fake articles saying something else.

Bitcoin Code and Peter Jones

Bitcoin Code is probably the oldest big cryptocurrency investment scam. All the other programs mentioned in this review are in fact its copy with a different name. You will find more details in our linked review.

So, did Peter Jones invest in Bitcoin Code? Of course not! Jones nor any other celebrity has ever put money in any system like Bitcoin Code because it is a scam system that is designed to lose money of investors.

Bitcoin Future and Peter Jones

The Bitcoin Future system is promising to make you money on autopilot. It will trade with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with an alleged high accuracy nearing 100%. But it of course is a lie, Bitcoin Future is a losing program.

At this point you can probably guess that Peter Jones has never invested a single cent into Bitcoin Future. He probably does not even know that this scam exists. You certainly cannot trust this trading app.

Bitcoin Revolt and Peter Jones

Bitcoin Revolt is one of many bitcoin trading apps that will promise you the moon but deliver losses. Peter Jones has not invested in Bitcoin Revolt, this is a fact.

Bitcoin Revolt works this way: it will promise you an easy income, but the first thing you will have to do is to send your own money to a dirty broker that will steal it. It is as simple as that. It just is a fraudulent tool to rip you off.

Bitcoin Secret and Peter Jones

Bitcoin Secret is the name of a bitcoin trading system that is supposed to work automatically and generate you profits without your intervention. But it will do the opposite, it will lose your trading capital.

And of course, Peter Jones is not connected to Bitcoin Secret in any way, he did not invest in it, he is not endorsing it. All articles claiming something else are simply fake.

Bitcoin System and Peter Jones

Some articles make a connection between Peter Jones and Bitcoin System, which an app that is supposed to trade cryptocurrencies and generate huge profits.

But Jones has nothing in common with Bitcoin System, he probably can’t even keep track with all the scams that are abusing his name for their promotion.

Bitcoin Profit and Peter Jones

Bitcoin Profit is the name of a trading app that claims to be able to generate more than $10,000 in daily profits. Peter Jones supposedly invested in Bitcoin Profit, but in reality, he did not.

Fake articles will claim that Jones is using Bitcoin Profit, but these articles are fabricated by the same people who run the BTC Profit scam. You cannot trust them.

Bitcoin Profit review

Bitcoin Compass and Peter Jones

Bitcoin Compass will not give you the true cryptocurrency north nor any profits. Bitcoin Compass is a scam that is based on a losing trading platform that was created by people who run a lot of investment frauds.

So no, Peter Jones is not using Bitcoin Compass, because it would be an insane thing to do. It is just common sense, no free trading app will make you thousands of dollars per day or per month, all these systems are scams designed to enrich people who run them.

Bitcoin Anger and Peter Jones

We received a question about Bitcoin Anger and Peter Jones. To be fair, we don’t know Bitcoin Anger and our reader did not provide us with a link. But is extremely probable that Bitcoin Anger is a scam of the same kind as all the other programs mentioned in this review.

If Bitcoin Anger promises to make you money in Bitcoin trading on autopilot, then it most certainly is a scam and Peter Jones has nothing to do with it.

In the media

Now let’s address some fake connections between TV shows, journals and bitcoin trading systems.

Peter Jones and Bitcoin in the Dragons’ Den

There are articles saying that programs like Bitcoin Trader became the biggest investment thanks to Peter Jones choosing them in the Dragons’ Den.

If you don’t know it, Dragons’ Den is a TV show like Shark Tank, where business ideas are presented to entrepreneurs who can chose to invest in them.

But no bitcoin trading system has even been on Dragons’ Den, so Peter Jones did not and could not chose any of these systems for investing.

Peter Jones in This Morning about Bitcoin

There is one article suggesting that Peter Jones gave an interview to Holly Willoughby in This Morning and recommended a bitcoin trading app that is making him money.

But again, it is fake, Jones has never recommended any cryptocurrency or trading system on This Morning or any other TV show.

Peter Jones about Bitcoin in the Mirror

You can come across articles that look like they were published by the Mirror, which tell a story about Peter Jones investing in Bitcoin.

If you look carefully at these articles, you will find that they were not published by the Mirror, they are on a different domain, all outgoing links are dead or leading the registration page of the program they promote, comments are locked and fake, etc.

Just to be clear, all Mirror articles about Peter Jones and Bitcoin are totally fake.

Peter Jones in the Daily Mail about Bitcoin

Peter Jones recommending Bitcoin investments in an article from the Daily Mail is the same story as the Mirror. All these articles are fake.

As we have already established, Jones has never recommended publicly any cryptocurrency or crypto trading system. Details will clearly show that these Daily Mail articles are fake.

Peter Jones’ BBC interview about Bitcoin

Last but not least, did Peter Jones give an interview to BBC about Bitcoin? Of course, he did not! Well, maybe he did about the bitcoin scams that are abusing his name, but he certainly has never endorsed Bitcoin investments or Bitcoin trading apps.

The conclusion

Peter Jones has never spoken publicly about investing in Bitcoin, he has never invested in any Bitcoin trading app. Every article saying the opposite is fake and designed to make you sign up for an investment scam.

If you are interested in investing, you should stick to regulated companies. You can try a free demo account and see how it works and what would your results look like.

Forget about free automated systems that promise big profits, they all are scams that you have to avoid. Learn trading, build your own strategy, understand the risks, and only then you can start investing real money.

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